tzvalidate files

This is a potentially-temporary home for files created by the tzvalidate project, which aims to provide appropriate files so that other projects consuming the raw IANA time zone data can check that they are interpreting it in the same was as zic, which is deemed to be canonical.

The hex string after each link is the SHA-256 hash of the body of the tzvalidate file. This information is also available as a text file per release, with a name of tzdata(release)-sha256.txt. For example, the URL for the 2016d release body SHA-256 is Note that this is only the SHA-256 of the body, not of the whole file. (Its purpose is to enable automatic validation of other generators without having to download the whole generated file.)

Eventually I hope to have a better home for the files, and the format may change over time too - see the tzvalidate project page for more information. At the moment, I’m taking a position of “something is better than nothing.”

Data for every release from 93g onwards is hosted here, except 2005l which gave me errors when running zic. Each release is in a separate zip file which just consists of a single text file. When new data is available, it is built semi-automatically (in that it’s automated, but needs a nudge to start it.

Data up to 2016d inclusive was generated with the 2016d code. After that, the data is generated with the code from the corresponding release.